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Western Community Unit School District #12 :: Welcome to Western C.U.S.D. #12
Welcome to Western C.U.S.D. #12


 At Western, We Experience...

 Citizenship, Achievement, Respect, & Engagement



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Homecoming Week January 19-23
Monday:Sports Day  
Tuesday: Camo Day 
 Wednesday: Crazy Day 
 Thursday: Heroes Day 
 Friday: School Spirit Day   


District Wide Homecoming Pep Assembly
Friday, January 23 during 8th hour.


WHS Homecoming Game vs. Southeastern
Friday, January 23, 2015.
Coronation will follow the game.


WHS Homecoming Dance
Saturday, January 24, 2015 frrom 7:30-10:30.




WHS New Late Work and Cheating/Plagiarism Policies

Effective 2nd Semester

Late Work Policy:
All assignments/homework/schoolwork are due on the due date. Work will be accepted for half credit up until the date of the assessment. Dates of assessments will be clearly communicated to the students by the teacher. Assignments/homework/schoolwork will not be accepted after the date of the assessment for credit. 
Cheating/Plagiarism Policy:
On the first offense, the student will be required to redo the assignment/homework/schoolwork/assessment and will lose 50% of the points on that work. If two students are involved in cheating (one copying and one allowing another to copy), both students will receive the same consequences. A referral will be submitted to the office and remain on the student's permanent record. Any further offense will result in the student earning a zero for the work. A referral will be submitted to administration and further consequences will be decided upon by the administration. Cheating/plagiarism offenses are cumulative and are not limited to one class. If a student cheats in any class, any subsequent cheating/plagiarism offense will result in a zero in any class. Example: If a student cheated/plagiarized in English class in September, and then cheats/plagiarizes in History class in February, the history work will receive a zero.