At Western, we C.A.R.E.

Western Elementary

Welcome to the Western Elementary School Website. Our WES website is intended to help support and encourage parents, students, community members, and educators to get connected and stay connected to the exciting, engaging, and excellent happenings within our school.


We believe citizenship can be enhanced by effective communication and will improve our community, faculty, and student satisfaction.

We demonstrate citizenship and provide effective communication by modeling productive and supportive behaviors for our students, families, and communities in a positive and professional manner.

We will measure growth by conducting parent, faculty, and student satisfaction surveys.


We believe achievement can be enhanced by relevant curriculum and will improve our academic progress.

We demonstrate achievement and provide relevant curriculum by encouraging, listening, guiding, and supporting academic and personal endeavors to create life-long learning in our school community.

We will measure growth by conducting Measures of Academic Progress (MAP).


We believe respect can be enhanced by collaborative dialogue and will improve our school culture.

We demonstrate respect by engaging in collaborative dialogue; treating others how we want to be treated; recognizing the differences in others? values, opinions, and beliefs while investing ourselves academically and emotionally.

We will measure growth by conducting school culture surveys and interviews.


We believe engagement can be enhanced by interactive learning and will improve our learning environment.

We demonstrate engagement and provide interactive learning by the use of differentiated instruction and collaborative opportunities.

We will measure growth by conducting walkthrough self-assessments.

Western C.A.R.E. Pledge

I am part of the Western School Family.

I will respect myself, others, and my environment.

I promise to work hard and make wise choices.

I accept the challenges to become the best I can be.


Western is the former West Pike and Barry school districts that were consolidated in 2007 to create the Western Community Unit School District 12. From 2007-2010 Western operated two elementary schools: Western Hull Elementary and Western Barry Elementary, each school housed Pre-K to Fourth grade classes. Beginning in 2010, the two schools were merged to create Western Elementary School, located in Barry, Illinois. Western Elementary houses Pre-K to Fifth grade students.

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

Each month the PBIS team sets incentives for the students. Students are able to purchase these incentives for 15 CARE cards. Students receive CARE cards for demonstrating Citizenship, Engagement, Respect, and Engagement throughout the school day. Students can spend their CARE cards in a variety of ways including the monthly incentive or classroom privileges (e.g. Lunch with the Teacher, Free Homework passes, Sock Day, etc). At the end of the school year students can use their CARE cards at the CARE store where they have the opportunity to buy items from many options.