Early Childhood

Mission Statement

The Western Early Childhood Programs are parent focused partnerships. They are designed to assist families, develop effective parenting skills, and support. The programs cover education, health, and social services. The goal of the programs is to give families the tools and opportunities to grow with their child.

Pre K

Western Pre-K serves three & four year old children who are not eligible for Kindergarten. Western offers all day and half day Pre-K Programs. The children are selected from information obtained from a developmental screening, parent information form, & parent interviews. Children must be at least 32 months of age on or before the developmental screenings. Screenings are held in the Fall and the Spring. A child MUST have a screening in order to enroll in the Pre-K program.

Children are required to have updated health screenings prior to enrollment.

Western Pre-K includes: Education, Parental Involvement, Social Services, Health Services, Family Nights, Speech/Language Services, Parent Education, & Parent Lending Library.

For more information, please contact, Eileen Malone, Western Early Childhood Coordinator at 217-432-8324 ext. 4.